Scammers are using dating apps to steal your cash

Looking for love this coming Valentine’s Day? You may want to be wary of those dating apps on your phone.

According to, Maryland and Virginia are the fifth and seventh-worst states for online dating in 2020 respectively.

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The website uses data from the CDC regarding STD transmission rates.

It also uses information from the FBI about states that have the most people who fall victim to online financial crimes.

Alaska comes in as the worst state for online dating while Maine is registered as the best state.

The FBI says you should only use sites that are nationally known. They say criminals tend to use newer or more uncommon dating sites.

Also, don’t believe the common sob story. Online financial criminals rely on stories of severe life circumstances, family deaths, injuries or any kind of hardship to keep your interest on them so they can prey on you.

For a complete list of tips from the FBI, visit the their website here.