Scammers are bombarding Americans with robocalls

If it seems like you're getting more robocalls than ever, experts say you're right. But the people who are calling are not telemarketers.

Legitimate telemarketers are honoring the Do Not Call list. But scammers are not, according to Alex Quilici, CEO of YouMail, a company that offers software to block robocalls. The callers pretend to be the IRS or a software company or a free cruise.

And the scammers have gotten very slick. Quilici says most of the calls are coming from outside the United States but are able to create the illusion they're calling from your area code. Often they also use the first three digits of your phone number to trick you into answering the phone.

The FCC says that U.S. consumers are bombarded with an estimated 2.5 billion robocalls every month. In an effort to combat the problem, the federal agency is considering giving phone providers more freedom to block suspected robocalls on their networks.

Tech experts recommend that you not pick up the phone unless you know the number. And if you do pick up the phone, wait about 5 seconds before saying anything. That way, the computer calling you won't hear a voice and will think it is called a number that isn't real and won't call you back.