SAFETY FIRST: Stretching becomes priority for construction workers

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A group of people lined up outside doing calisthenics. It may sound like the gym or exercise boot camp, but it is actually a construction project.

On a job site in Northwest Washington, Skanska corporation requires workers to do "Stretch and Flex" every morning. They believe it cuts down on injuries by making sure muscles are warmed up.

It is National Safety Week on construction sites across America. At the Skanska site at American University, they also spent part of the day training employees on how to prevent injuries that happen when workers fall from high places.

"Nobody gets out of bed in the morning and decides they are going to get hurt that day," said Dave Coleman, Vice President of Operations for Skanska. "But in the course of doing your daily business, there's a five second decision that could cost you your life."

Every day in the United States, 12 people die in workplace accidents.