Roe v. Wade protests continue: Thousands converge outside Supreme Court

Thousands of people have come out to have their voices heard since the Supreme Court overruled Roe v. Wade and ended federal abortion rights.

A majority of them are pro-choice, and on Day 2 of protests outside the Supreme Court building, they said they wanted the justices to know they aren’t happy about the decision.

"Unfortunately, we’re at a point where we’re not only not progressing but we’re starting to move backwards," one marcher told FOX 5.

"It’s going to ruin so many lives, and it’s going to ruin the lives of these babies that they’re demanding be born," another protester said.

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There were a few in the crowd in favor of the ruling, like a group of advocates who came from California and Indiana.

"I believe the right to life is the most fundamental, basic right there is and we need to protect it," one of the advocates said.

"Abortion ends something; it ends a life," another activist who opposes abortion said. "So therefore it’s wrong, because if we can end life in the womb because of their location or their size or their age, what makes us have value outside the womb?"

They say their main goal is to promote love for both the mother and child in the womb.

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FOX 5 also asked protesters what’s next, now that the ruling has been made.

"The thing we can do is show our voice, show our courage, and as a group come together," a protester said.

"Its crucial, I think, because this is the first step of God knows how many other things."

While some were optimistic, others say they don’t see anything happening — at least short-term.

"It takes a lot to make a movement. If you think about the whole George Floyd thing and the Black Lives Matter movement, you saw how far that had to go before the slightest little bit of change was actually made."

Many protesters FOX 5 spoke to over the past few days said they plan to keep coming back as long as it takes.