Richard Gere's new role in 'Time Out of Mind' explores homelessness

Hollywood star Richard Gere explores life on the streets in the new film "Time Out of Mind."

Friday morning, Gere stopped by Good Day DC to talk about playing the role of a homeless man who was trying to reconnect with his daughter. Even though Gere is a well-known celebrity, he said he was practically invisible while in character.

"I'm in Grand Central Station - no one, no one made eye contact with me. No one paid any attention to me," said Gere. "The projections on the way I looked and the way I was behaving was that this is a homeless guy and I'm not looking any further than that."

While rummaging through trash cans to film one scene, Gere said a French tourist gave him some food.

"I turn around and there's a woman. She's got a bag of -- I didn't know what it was. She said, 'No, no. This is for you,'" said Gere. "And she gives it to me, and she walks away."

Paparazzi captured the woman's act, and the image landed in the New York Post the next day.

Watch the video above for more on the new film, and don't miss Gere's priceless imitation of Allison Seymour's walk!

"Time Out of Mind" is now playing in theaters nationwide.