Restrictions to remember this Memorial Day weekend

Memorial Day weekend is finally here, but this one is different. That goes for barbeques, fun in the sun, and especially the beach.

“We’re relying on everybody to take care of themselves and do the right thing,” said Ocean City Mayor Rick Meehan. “If everybody individually does that, we should not have any problem.”

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Ocean City’s beach and boardwalk are open. So are hotels and short term rentals, but Meehan cautioned that restaurants are only open for carry-out, there’s no mini-golf, and no amusement parks, so if you’re visiting, you need to be prepared.

“People are going to come anyway so what we want to do is just encourage them to take responsibility for their actions,” Meehan said.

Neighboring Delaware beaches are a different story. While many have reopened, restrictions are still in place, including a ban on short term rentals and a mandatory quarantine for out-of-state travelers.

“The rule in Delaware is that you are supposed to self-quarantine for 14 days once you enter that state, and they’re going to be asking folks that,” explained travel expert Troy Petenbrink.

Meanwhile Virginia Beach is back open for recreational activities as of this weekend, however, restrictions on things like social distancing and large gatherings remain.

“If folks are thinking that it’s going to be the same experience they had in the past, that is not the case,” Petenbrink said.

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Bottom line, this Memorial Day is going to be different, and just like the beaches, we all need to be ready to adjust.

“Just be courteous to others and we can all get through this,” Meehan said.