Rescued Rottweiler found mutilated with nose, ears cut off

WARNING - video above is EXTREMELY graphic.

A sickening case of animal cruelty was discovered this week on Detroit's west side. A brown and tan Rottweiler mix was found wandering with its nose, ears and tail cut off. It's amazing the dog was able to survive what happened to him.

Baron, as he is now called, was discovered Tuesday night walking near Warren and Livernois. Someone noticed how thin he was and lured him into the store Parts Galore.

When they took a closer look they realized the animal had been brutally mutilated, and called the Michigan Humane Society.

"The nose has been removed, both ears have been removed straight down to the skull," Michigan Humane Society cruelty investigator Mark Ramos says. "The tail has been docked, a large portion of the tail has been removed and there's large abrasions on his back legs."

Pictures taken shortly after the Michigan Humane Society rescued the severely injured dog detail the abuse. They're hard to look at but it's nothing compared to what the poor dog had to endure. Workers brought Baron back to the Mackey Center for animal care, and are working to nurse the older dog back to health.

Despite what happened to him, Ramos says Baron seems to be extremely friendly and social. They believe he was raised by a good owner, but that's not who maimed him.

"As long as I have been doing this, I can't imagine somebody taking care of a dog for as long as they have taken care of him, and then turn around and do this to their own dog," Ramos says. "Dogs are pretty resilient. As you see, he is pretty friendly and is seeking out people despite what has happened to him."

The dog is being held as a stray as it recovers from its injuries.

The Michigan Humane Society is offering a $2,500 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the heartless person or persons who did this.

"We are hoping there is a chance someone will see us recognize the dog and we will get a better idea of how he ended up in this situation," Ramos says.

If no one comes forward to claim the stray dog, he will be up for adoption in a few weeks.