Report: Cocaine led to attorney Brian Loncar's death

Prominent Dallas attorney Brian Loncar died from the "toxic effects of cocaine," according to the Dallas County medical examiner.

Loncar, who was known to his clients as "The Strong Arm," died in his Rolls Royse in the parking lot outside his Dallas office on Dec. 4.

Two days prior, he buried his youngest daughter, Grace. Loncar posted about the pain of losing his daughter on his Facebook page.

"I just want to get this out in the open so if any of my friends are ever thinking about suicide. I wish you could have seen both the pain and the love that the suicide of a 16-year-old girl causes," he wrote.

The ME ruled Loncar's death was caused by the "toxic effects of cocaine." The report also listed high blood pressure and plaque buildup in his arteries as secondary factors in his death.

Loncar was known for his bold and brash 'Strong Arm' commercials that made him a household name in Texas. He had 11 personal-injury offices across the state, comprising what he called an "army of attorneys."

A memorial foundation was set up in Loncar and his daughter's honor aimed at helping families who are struggling with teenage depression.