Report: Assaulted Damascus JV football player heard pleading to attackers to 'stop, stop, stop'

New alarming details are surfacing about an alleged attack inside a boys' locker room at Damascus High School.

Five players from the junior varsity football players have now been charged, accused of sexually assaulting other students with a broom. The Washington Post has published a report saying one of the victims screamed for the accused attackers to stop.

The Post says they obtained six-page incident report that was not made public. In it, The Post says one victim began screaming and another cried out "Stop, stop, stop."

Two other targets were allegedly forced to the ground but managed to fight off the attackers.

The Post says according to the police report, the reported victims said they had heard about broomstick attacks, reportedly called "brooming," but were not sure if they were true.

Four of the players have been charged with rape, aside from one player who was charged with attempted rape.

Meanwhile, there are still several unanswered questions as police continue their investigation, including where were the coaches during the reported attack, do any staff members face disciplinary action from the school district?, where were any adults during the incident?

Fox 5 has learned that football coaches reportedly have offices some distance from the boys' locker room.

A source tells Fox 5, "As you walk in the locker room, the coaches 'offices' or area is to the left about 10 feet up the hallway. On the right are the showers and then the locker room goes back further and to the left. It is then sectioned off by which team level you're on and by grade."

Montgomery County police are yet to provide answers on how this could have happened.

"We are guarding closely details and other information that we do know, but we're just choosing not to confirm some of that right now to help protect the identity of everyone involved," said Captain Paul Starks with Montgomery County Police.

Police say they could not confirm the account reported by The Washington Post, though they are asking for anyone with additional information to come forward.

The school district has yet to provide answers, aside from a video posted to social media.

Montgomery County Public Schools Superintendent Jack Smith appeared in a video posted on the school district's YouTube channel. The anti-bullying message was sent to students in response to the reported attack at Damascus High.

"Bullying, harassment, hazing, verbal and physical abuse, whether in classrooms, hall ways, sports, or in any extracurricular activity will not be tolerated in our schools. Students who engage in this behavior will receive seriously consequences and may be referred to law enforcement," said Smith.

Beyond the video, the school district would not comment on the ongoing investigation and what, if any impact this incident could have on its coaching staff.

Additionally, police are investigating internally to see who leaked the report, which is only accessible to a limited number of people.

Damascus' next football game is Friday.