Red light camera violators on video

A red light camera company has released the top cringe-worthy moments of near-misses and crashes across the country for 2016. Here in Austin we have our own scary videos.

When someone runs a red light there's a good chance another vehicle may come across their path. American Traffic Solutions released a compilation of videos in which they deemed the worst red light runners of 2016.


One driver nearly hits a police SUV. A cyclist has a brush with death.

According to the company drivers running red lights cause an average of two fatalities and more than 340 injuries every day in the U.S.

Detective Adrian Duran is one of six Austin police officers who review red light violations.

"You have that dread feeling that something bad is about to happen," said Duran.

Here in Austin, there are cameras at 10 intersections. Duran showed us a few incidents captured around town.

One clip comes from the intersection of Riverside and Pleasant Valley where Duran says there has been a major improvement in safety since the cameras and warning signs went up.

Department data shows during the 18 months prior to activation, there were 28 crashes at the intersection, 17 of which were red-light violation related.

Compare that to a total of 11 crashes with two being red light running as the cause in 2015.

"I've definitely seen a decrease in red light crashes and citations. People are paying attention to the signs," said Duran. "It causes them to not decide wait a minute I can make it. It gives them pause which I think has reduced our crashes in these intersections."

That means less gasps in the office.