'Real Housewives of Potomac' star Karen Huger shares her true feeling about co-star Ashley Darby

'Real Housewives of Potomac' star Karen Huger visited GoodDayDC to talk about how she feels others view her and to share her real thoughts about Ashley Darby!


"Ashley is a nice girl. She really is," Huger said. "You know what I really like her but there's a huge age different between Ashley and I. That's where -- you see -- we respect each other, but we clash a little bit because of that."

"You know what it's a fun tact less duo. They like to have fun at your expense. And sometimes that can get a little annoying, but does it mean I dislike them - no."


"I don't take it personally," Huger said about how others on the show - and at home - perceive her.

"They don't know me personally. I know they look at me on TV week after week - you feel like you know me. They have an opinion - and I actually value their opinions because there's something I can do to make them -- you know, to unveil myself a little more to let them in little more, what makes Karen tick, I'm willing to do it."


"I care about constructive criticism," she said. "I do not care about ignorant criticism at all. You got to be tough. This is a mean social media world out there."

"I certainly value, you know, my viewers, and their opinions. Absolutely!"


"I have a fantastic bunch," she said about her support system including her husband and children. "I'm actually that woman that's been home for 19 years. So it was a rebirth for me and I was going to do something so this opportunity in conjunction with the businesses that I've started, fell into my lap."

She said that the decision to do the show involved not only her but her entire family.


"Ashley loves life. She's fun. She humps people when she first meets them at bars. Maybe not behavior you want your 18-year-old to emulate. Need I say any more?"

"Do I want to hang with Ashley, occasionally, absolutely! I'm a grown woman," she added. "But that's her thing. but as far as being a mother, that is not something I want to expose my daughter to."


No word on a second season just yet - but the reunion show has been taped and viewers can expect a lot of heated conversation and revelation.

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