Protest becomes disorderly at Wise High School in Prince George's County

A protest held inside Dr. Henry A. Wise Jr. High School in Prince George's County reportedly got out of control on Friday.

Several students said the protest was over the result of the presidential election, the Black Lives Matter movement and LGBTQ rights. Several students admitted it did get out of hand and became disorderly, and some captured the incident on their cell phones.

One video showed students chanting, "No justice, no peace" in the hallway of the school. In another video posted on social media, a student is seen standing on a trash can while another student with a "Trump is not my president" sign was detained and escorted out of the area.

"They came into the cafeteria and they were holding up signs of Black Lives Matter and gay pride flags, and that is when they told me I couldn't stand on the tables and stuff in the cafeteria, so they sent them into the hallway," said one student describing the scene. "That is when everyone started going into the hallway and they were protesting."

"Everybody was yelling, everybody was screaming, people getting pushed around," another student told us. "It wasn't necessarily what school officials did. They did their best to try to keep it under control, but there are 3,000 children in our school. So when it came to having a protest inside the school, it just wasn't a good idea."

"It kind of got disruptive and out of control, but that is what you kind of expect with protesting and stuff," said another student.

There were reports of some students being trapped in the cafeteria, but a school staff member told FOX 5 that personnel lowered a partition in the cafeteria, but other cafeteria doors were open where students were able to leave. Some students also said they were not trapped.

Prince George's school officials said no arrests were made and no one was injured.