Prince William County police investigating Woodbridge burglaries

Prince William County police are investigating a crime spree in a string of burglaries in Woodbridge that have business owners on high alert.

Several businesses were hit in the area of Dale Boulevard and Minnieville Road Saturday night by a suspect looking for cash. The suspect was able to break into four different businesses - two of them practically next door to each other. But his next stop would have cameras rolling, capturing his crime on video.

Nail salon owner Leanne Doane is covering what is left of her front door in Christmas wrapping paper after a thief broke into her store twice in one night. Wonder Nails is one of four nearby businesses police believe was burglarized by the same person. He was caught on surveillance video at a nearby restaurant grabbing cash from the register and running off.

"They are not looking for other items, computers or phones or things like that they are looking for the easy score of cash," said Officer Nathan Probus.

Prince William County police say the crime spree started sometime after 7 p.m. Saturday night. The suspect broke into the Birago International Market, two Chinese Restaurants and a nail salon.

Investigators say the suspect used a large rock to smash the glass front door of the business to get in - and would be out in minutes with whatever cash he could find.

"One of the businesses, it appears the suspect actually broke in initially. The owner responded to fix the door and then after he fixed the door with a wood panel, he came back and broke back in," Probus said.

"I don't know why people try doing that when I work hard," Doane said.

The suspect was able to escape with a large sum of cash.