Prince William County fair coming back this year

Young people apparently have little interest in running a fair — so says fair organizers in Prince William County who say they need younger replacements to continue the fair’s tradition after this year’s comeback.

The news comes after organizers initially said this past fair was the last one thanks to rising costs and declining revenue and more. An investor is stepping in.

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The anonymous investor is leasing the fairgrounds for a month with the plans to purchase the property.  There’s no telling if the investor will want to continue the decades-old fair — but the investor will continue the fair at least one more year, this year. 

The good news — there will be another fair here on the Prince William County fairgrounds.
The bad news — this fair could be the last fair.
Even so, venders have reportedly been put on notice.

The fair will likely look a bit different this year with more activities for young children.
Details are still being worked out but this could be a test run to determine if the fair continues.

Prince William Veteran’s Farm Club which organizes the fair only has one founding member left — he’s in his 80’s and there have been challenges recruiting young people interested in organizing a fair.

And that’s apparently an anomaly.

Burke has been attending the fair since childhood and now organizes it.
She says it takes about half a million dollars to run the fair each year and even though they reportedly make more than that in revenue, it’s still not enough.

The investor is running the fair under a new name — Prince William Fair not Prince William County Fair.
One man said he’d be willing to pay as much as a 30-dollar entrance fee if that ensured continuing the fair’s tradition.