Prince George's County police make arrest in murder of 24-year-old father

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An arrest has been made in the murder of a 24-year-old father and local youth mentor in Prince George's County, according to authorities.

The Prince George's County Police Department said 27-year-old Franklin Scott, of Capitol Heights, Maryland, is charged with first- and second-degree murder of 24-year-old Lamont Adair.

Adair was gunned down in the 6600 block of Grieg Street in Seat Pleasant on Aug. 8.

Police said Scott pulled up in a gray car alongside Adair and shot him as he was on his way to play basketball at a recreation center. Investigators said Scott then got out of driver's side of the vehicle, ran over to Adair and continued to shoot him several more times while he was on the ground. Adair died at the scene.

According to investigators, the shooting happened after Scott was upset with Adair over a personal issue.

According to court documents filed on Friday, surveillance footage from nearby apartment complex showed the car, a gray 2017 Toyota Corolla with Maryland plates, was used in the shooting, and that Scott was in possession of a rental car that matched the vehicle description on the day of the crime.

The court documents also said a witness who has known Scott for 10 years identified him from the surveillance video, and cellphone records put Scott at the scene during the same day and time of the murder.

Adair's family members said he was well-known in the community for playing basketball and his mother said he had played alongside NBA superstar Kevin Durant, who grew up in the city. Adair was planning to take a trip to China to play with a travel league, his family said.

Family members said Adair's child, who was about to turn 1-year-old, had just taken his first steps the week before he was killed.

A wake was being held for Adair on Friday and his funeral is scheduled for this weekend.

Scott is being held without bond, police said.