Prince George's County executive calls for resignation of school board chair

Prince George's County Executive has written a letter to School Board Chair Juanita Miller calling for her to resign. 

The request arrives after the Maryland Board of Education filed charges of removal against Miller. 

FOX 5 was the first to report the Board's suit last week. 

In the letter dated June 1, Angela Alsobrooks wrote, "Now is the time for a fresh start." 

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Last week, Miller told FOX 5's Lindsay Watts she had no plans to resign. 

When asked if she would resign, Miller replied, "Why should I?"

Last year, six elected Prince Georges County school board members petitioned to remove Dr. Miller. 

PGCPS board members petition state to remove board chair

It was after Dr. Miller canceled school board meetings during the pandemic saying the meetings couldn’t go on due to misconduct claims she made about those elected board members.

There was also a bitter feud over hiring a board attorney that caused the board to go without legal counsel for months, something board members said violated state law.

There is a high threshold to remove a board member from office that includes: misconduct in office, immorality, incompetency, and willful neglect of duty.

Rakowski said she couldn’t give specifics on the board’s findings. She said Miller would be formally notified in a letter next week.

Thursday evening, Miller told FOX 5’s Lindsay Watts that she wasn’t aware of the state board’s vote.

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She said she would seek legal counsel and go before the judge to challenge the board’s decision. The state board will then make a final decision on the removal and the governor will have to sign off on it.

"It is what it is," Miller said.