Prince George's Co, DC cops investigated for alleged sex scandal involving transgender prostitute

At least two police officers - one from Prince George's County and one from DC - are under investigation for allegations involving sex with a transgender prostitute.

A transgender prostitute who spoke with FOX 5 said that the officers are using their authority to coerce the prostitutes into sexual acts in exchange for not arresting them.

The officers have not been identified, nor have they been formally charged with any crimes.

The prostitute who talked to FOX 5 declined to reveal her identity for fear of retaliation, but said she had talked to DC and Prince George's county detectives about the alleged coercion.

The Prince George's county and DC police departments confirmed that they are investigating officers.

In the case of the Prince George's county officer, his department says the officer was off duty when the alleged incidents would have taken place.

FOX 5 has obtained video that shows an officer - dressed in plain clothes - arriving at a location on Eastern Avenue in Northeast - where one of the incidents is alleged to have occurred - in a marked Prince George's county police cruiser.

Other images show a man wearing only a DC police polo shirt and naked below the waist. Multiple sources have told FOX 5 that the man is a DC police lieutenant.

Prince George's county police offered the following statement:

There is an allegation that an off-duty Prince George's County police officer exchanged money for a sexual act while he was in his marked cruiser in the District of Columbia. The case is being investigated by Metropolitan Police. Our internal affairs division is handling the administrative investigation. Within hours of learning about the allegation, the officer was suspended with pay while the case moves forward.

DC police also offered a statement:

We are aware of the allegations of misconduct against one of our sworn members. MPD Internal Affairs Bureau is investigating the allegation. The member has been place on non-contact status pending the outcome of the investigation.