Presidential candidates bring branding to campaign trail

Many are familiar with the catchy slogans that companies use to bran their products. With each, you think of the brand associated with the slogan. Now, we are seeing Donald Trump bring his business experience to the political world. He is branding his campaign with the four words: "Make America Great Again."

In a recent interview with the New York Times, Donald Trump was asked if he might sum up his foreign policy as "America First," in response Trump said he likes the expression and that he is in fact "America's First." So the question is will he start to use the slogan "America First" on the campaign trail? It is certainly possible, but even without his new slogan, he's already branded his campaign and his competitors quit effectively.

His hat, which is red and embroidered with the words "Make America Great Again," is just the beginning of an entire clothing line and items you can buy with the slogan that has become synonymous with Donald Trump's presidential campaign.

He has not only branded his campaign but also his opponents, by saying, tweeting and repeating insults against them. Trump isn't the only candidate who has branded his campaign; Ted Cruz has used "trusted," where he merges the words trust and Ted together.

In an interview with branding expert, Ian Wishingrad, we learned whether or not these branding trends are working.

"Trusted is pretty much how any good political satirist would make fun of a slogan, it's just so corny, it's pushed together. Someone saw Ted, trust and the T and thought lets link them, but any great brand puts a stake in the ground and gets you in some sort of emotional way and is unafraid to say exactly what is going on," explained Wishingrad.

Wishingrad says there is a study that says you must hear a brand name eight times to become familiar and comfortable with the name. So think about how many times you've heard the slogan "Make America Great Again," and try to compare that to how often you've heard other candidate's slogans.