Pregnancy center vandalized near Capitol Hill

A pregnancy center just blocks away from Capitol Hill was the target of vandalism overnight. 

Photos of the Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center show red paint splattered on the front door. 

"All the way down here and a huge puddle like the whole can of red paint, and they just threw it on and let it flow down and this was a huge puddle right here. Even when I got here it was very wet," said clinic director Janet Durig. 

"JANE SAYS" and "REVENGE" was also spray-painted onto the building.

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The vandals didn't just graffiti the pregnancy center either. 

"These windows and these second windows over here all of that had eggs thrown on it," Durig said. 


FOX 5 asked Durig who could be responsible and why she thinks the center was targeted. 

"Wouldn’t one assume that it has something to do with the upcoming Roe v. Wade announcement," she said. "I’m assuming that’s what it would have something to do with."

Police have not disclosed who is responsible for the vandalism. 

While the clinic has security cameras, they’re not currently working and nearby businesses FOX 5 spoke to say they didn’t catch a glimpse of the suspects either. 

Neighbors stopped by to see the damage.  

"I was really surprised by it because we actually didn’t realize it was more of a faith-based abortion diversion type clinic," said Joe Caldwell. "We thought it was a let's show you the options, here’s how we can help vulnerable women. We were pretty surprised by finding that out and seeing that it was vandalized." 

"For people to sink that low to me is just heartbreaking. It’s absolutely disgusting, and I don’t understand how anybody could live with themselves and do something like this," said Jesse Hughes. 

The nonprofit has been around since 1985 and offers free pregnancy testing, parenting programs, referrals, and supplies like clothes, diapers, and formula for new parents. 

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"Oh no, no we’re not an abortion clinic," Durig clarified. "We’re a Christian faith-based operation who is helping women in pregnancies and after pregnancies."

In her more than two decades serving as director of the clinic, Durig says nothing this extreme has ever happened. 

"The reality is what we do here is truly life-changing to many people, and we are happy to be able to serve them and to help them," she said. 

"It’s sad that people can’t accept that there are people who choose life rather than have an abortion and that makes me sad." 

D.C. police say they initially responded to a call for property damage at the pregnancy center and their investigation is ongoing. 

Durig says the city will be back out on Monday to re-paint the pregnancy center's door.