Police : Suspected drunk driver crashes through Colleyville liquor store

Two women are recovering in the hospital after a suspected drunk driver crashed into a Colleyville liquor store.

Police said the driver plowed into the glass storefront of Hall's Wine and Spirits at Glade Road and Highway 121 around 6:30 p.m. Thursday.

About 25 people were in the store at the time. Two were hurt.

One woman suffered a gash on her leg and the other was pinned under the SUV.

"You could see the woman down there covered in glass," said Charlie Hall, the store's owner. "I've seen a lot of accidents in my life, but I never seen anything like that."

The woman was flown to Parkland Hospital in critical condition. The other woman was taken to a nearby hospital.

The drive of the SUV was not hurt and was taken into custody. Carlos Guajardo, 68, will face charges for intoxication assault with a vehicle.