Police search husband's home in Arlington murder probe

Arlington County police returned to the home of David Black, the estranged husband of a woman who was found stabbed to death in April after her two young children were discovered wandering outside.

Authorities executed a search warrant Thursday morning and removed items in brown paper bags as well as a couple of bicycles they loaded into the back of a police pick-up truck.

"After consultation with the state lab, we believe that there are potential items in the house that contain forensic evidence -- items that could assist us in possibly closing this investigation," said Dustin Sternbeck with Arlington County police.

Bonnie Black was a 42-year-old psychologist with two small children. She was in the middle of a bitter divorce when she was murdered in April. Her body was discovered after someone noticed her kids outside in their pajamas.

On the day of the murder, police said David Black, who lives nearby, suddenly showed up at the house unannounced. He was questioned and released.

Police have described the estranged husband as a "person of interest."