Police investigating report of topless photos being taken at Md. playground

Topless pictures taken at a playground are sparking outrage and outright shock in a Howard County neighborhood.

Police say it happened at a park near Horsham Drive and Knights Bridge Road in Laurel.

"Why would you do that at a kids park?" asked Jon Rossman. "It's not right."

A police alert came in saying a woman took off her t-shirt and then posed topless while a man took pictures.

The park at Bowling Brook Farms is nestled between trees off the roadway, but according to Rossman, "It doesn't matter. It's a kids park."

Longtime Bowling Brook resident Israel Price offers insight into what the couple may have surmised.

"That it was secluded and they probably didn't see people out here," said Price.

But someone saw them and indecent exposure is a crime. The reported topless photo shoot happened during Tuesday's extreme weather amid heavy rains and winds.

"Yeah, I think that's horrible," said Jennifer Dorange. "I think they chose a bad place to take such crazy pictures."

Dorange said had she spotted the strip down, "I would have done the same. Good thing the resident called the police."

For Rossman, call it an atypical welcome to the neighborhood.

"We just moved here from Arizona, so this is kind of weird that the first park, ‘Hey, we're going here,' and now people are doing naked photo shoots," he said. "I don't like that."

Residents say there are no surveillance cameras at the children's playground and we could not find any in sight.

Howard County police are investigating the incident and could have an update as early as Thursday morning.

Indecent exposure is a misdemeanor in Maryland and could carry a $1,000 fine or three years behind bars.