Police investigating alleged verbal confrontation by group inside indoor swim center locker room

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New details are emerging after a Maryland man and his teenage son with autism said they were verbally accosted inside the men's locker room at a public indoor pool in Montgomery County.

At the Germantown Indoor Swim Center on Sunday, a group of four women and one man is accused of barging inside the men's locker room hurling insults and racial slurs and then refusing to leave.

Park Police told FOX 5 that they have obtained surveillance footage of the incident and are also interviewing multiple victims and witnesses. They also said they are not releasing any photos or videos yet as this is an active investigation.

Gaithersburg resident Tom Rowse shared details about the alleged verbal assault and invasion of privacy exclusively with FOX 5.

"I put on all my clothes and I jumped right in the first girl's face. I'm like, 'Why are you in the men's locker room?'" Rowse recalled. "She threw a whole bunch of curse words at me."

Rowse said along with him and his 17-year-old son with autism, there were also other men and boys in the locker room at the time. He also said the group that accosted him refused to leave the locker room for five minutes.

Rowse believes the women may have photos and videos of the victims.

Park Police told FOX 5 they are taking this case very seriously. The Montgomery County Recreation Department echoed that sentiment with a statement that said in part, "The safety and security of our patrons is paramount. We continue to work with Park Police while the incident remains under investigation."

Rowse believes this was a malicious prank, but it could have very serious consequences for the alleged culprits.

Park Police would not give us any idea of possible charges at this point.

Earlier this year, Jonathan Oldale, a 54-year-old Chevy Chase man, was arrested and charged after police said he set up a hidden camera inside of a gymnastics studio bathroom in Silver Spring. He is also accused of secretly filming children getting undressed at "splash parties" at his home. Oldale is facing up to 30 years in prison for production of child porn.