PHOTOS: GSP Trooper Nathan Bradley's Wedding in Georgia

We would like to congratulate Georgia State Patrol Trooper Nathan Bradley on his recent nuptials!

We first introduced you to Trooper Bradley the week after Halloween when we learned about the kindness he showed toward four orphaned children when their parents were killed in a car wreck.

Trooper Bradley responded to the crash in Morgan County on October 31 that killed residents Donald and Crystal Howard. They were returning home after going to the store to buy face paint for their children. Bradley, along with a county deputy and deputy coroner, went to the couple's home to notify the next of kin and were greeted at the door by the Howards' four children, ages 13, 10, 8, and 6-years-old, all dressed in costumes and waiting for their parents to return home.

"They kept reassuring 'My parents will be here soon, they went to the store to get more candy and face makeup; they'll be right back.'" Bradley said.

The kids had no family in the area and would have to be turned over to the Department of Family and Child Services while authorities tried to locate a family member. Watching the children play in the front yard, unaware of their parents' deaths, the trooper said he felt ill. Not only would the children discover they'd lost their parents, but they would spend Halloween in a county jail until someone could tend to them. Trooper Bradley decided to care for the children until their grandmother arrived from Sarasota, Florida, which is a seven hour trip.

Trooper Bradley took the children to get something to eat and afterwards brought them to the GSP Post in Monroe where they were joined by his Corporal's family. They brought the Howard children candy, popcorn and a variety of Disney films. Other residents who heard what happened showed up at the post with goodie bags and toys. Trooper Bradley said the Sheriff also showed up with four buckets filled with candy.

Bradley set up a GoFundMe account to help the Howard family raise money to cover funeral expenses. His goal was $7,000, but it has been exceeded by more than $491,000. Their grandmother has set up trust funds of $100,000 for each of the kids.

Last month, Trooper Bradley married Stephanie Humphries. The two said "I do" on November 15 at a beautiful venue, Carl House, in Auburn, Georgia. Their wedding photographer, Sarah Eubanks, shared some photos with us of their special day. Take a look above!

Please join us in congratulating Trooper Bradley, a man who truly goes above and beyond the call of duty!

Photos courtesy of Sarah Eubanks Photography