Photos: Bear found starving nurtured back to health, returns to the wild

A bear found starving in Colorado was rehabilitated and released back into the wild. (Credit: Colorado Parks and Wildlife — Southwest Region)

Colorado wildlife officials have nurtured a starving bear back to health and released it back into the wild. 

Colorado Parks and Wildlife said they found the bear in very bad condition this past winter along a highway. She only weighed 25 pounds and was believed to be between two and three years old. 

"It was starving and had come out of the den, which is common for a bear that has run out of fat during winter torpor," officials tweeted. 

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Officials also noticed skin trauma around her nose. They believed she may have bumped into a car last summer and was unable to gain enough weight for hibernation. 

Less than two weeks ago, wildlife officials said they gave her an appropriate diet and the bear gained 93 pounds, which is still relatively light for her age. 

They shared video of releasing her back into her natural habitat. 

This story was reported from Los Angeles.