Pennsylvania man allegedly used fishhooks, pole in gruesome 'fishing for cats' plan

A Pennsylvania man turned himself in to police after he allegedly baited cats with food by using fishhooks.

Kenny Rowles, 27, of Plymouth, faces several animal cruelty charges after being accused of torturing the felines.

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On April 8, a stray cat was discovered with three fishhooks in its mouth inside of a vacant house, according to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. The cat was treated and survived.

Two other cats were also spotted with fishing line coming out of their mouths.

Officials said a day earlier, a woman reported seeing a neighbor holding a fishing pole on his second-floor porch. He allegedly told her he was going to start "fishing for cats."

Eventually, investigators pinpointed Rowles as a suspect and, when authorities approached him at home, Rowles reportedly admitted to putting meat on fishhooks and dangling the dangerous dinner from his porch, WTXF-TV reported.

Several cats were found on the man's property and one was discovered with a baited triple fishing hook in its mouth.

"He was in pretty bad shape, the cat, plus with the string hanging out of his mouth it was pretty severe, so I'm glad justice is going to be served, full faith in that will happen," Luzerne County Humane Officer Lisa Devlin told the news outlet.

Rowley faces charges that include aggravated cruelty to animals involving torture and serious bodily injury.

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