Pay It Forward: Helping teachers ‘clear the lists’

A new school year is here and educators everywhere have been working hard to welcome students back to the classroom.

But with school budget dollars spread thin, those preparations may be missing the mark.

The National Center for Education says that on average teachers spend $480 of their own money outfitting their classrooms with supplies and teaching aids.

There is now a movement to help teachers across the country called “clear the lists.”

Educator’s posts their classroom wish lists on their social media sites or and community members purchase the items needed for the classrooms.

FOX 5’s Mike Thomas spoke to Justin Ridenour and Melissa Kaehny, both science teachers in Frederick County, Maryland, and they said getting the additional materials is a way they can ensure their kids are engaged and learning at a level that’s fun.

FOX 5 and Easterns Automotive Group teamed up to help clear their classroom wish lists, along with seven other teachers. Afterward, the Pay it Forward crew had breakfast with the teachers before they headed back to school.

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