Pay It Forward: Capital Caring Health helps children cope with the loss of a parent

The pain of losing a parent is something no child should have to endure.

It’s a pain that the Rios and Elm families are experiencing every single day after losing their fathers to illness.

But services provided by Capital Caring Health is helping them heal through art therapy.

For several months, art therapist Monica Delaney has had to pack up art supplies and other tools and travel to the children’s homes to help them work through their grief and trauma, but on Thursday, all that changed.

Staff at the non-profit identified a room that would make a perfect art therapy room, but they didn’t have the money to purchase the items to go into the room.

That’s where the FOX 5 Pay It Forward crew stepped in and helped transform the space into a beautiful, functional art room.

Easterns Automotive Group purchased over $7,000 worth of furniture, books, and art supplies.

Their team along with Capital Caring Health staff transformed the room in under an hour to surprise the children still working through their loss.

They also gave Sonny Elm a personal art kit and Abi and Nick Rios gaming cards to use with the gaming system their dad gave them before he passed away.

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