Parents say bus driver told daughter to walk home on state highway in rain

Last Thursday was the second day of school for 12-year-old Ashley Oxborrow.

She lives in West Colombia, a town of about 5,000 located an hour south of Houston. She attends West Brazos Junior High.

It was raining hard and Ashley hadn't made it home yet.

"A car I didn't recognize turned around and dropped Ashley off," said her mother Tammy Oxborrow. "I don't know who it was but it could have ended up so bad."


Ashley's parents would later learn her bus driver that day was new to her route.

Ashley says he missed her house, and she raised her hand to let him know.

"She questioned him, and he said 'I'm just a substitute driver you need to get off and walk home,'" said Ashley's father Douglas Oxborrow.

Ashley's parents say she was half a mile from home and was told to walk down a major state highway with no sidewalks and a 55 mile an hour speed limit.

"I wouldn't walk down that road, let alone in a rainstorm that was so heavy it was one of those where you can't see in front of your vehicle," Ashley's father said.

A woman saw Ashley crying and took her home.

"I just want to say thank you to her whoever she is," said Ashley's mother. "My heart is so grateful, someone else could have gotten Ashley."

Columbia Brazoria ISD Superintendent Steven Galloway told us the transportation director has video on the happenings on this day and the father, along with anyone he wants to bring with him, can view it.

Douglas Oxborrow says he plans to do that.