Parents react to antisemitic comments from MCPS middle school teacher

Montgomery County School Board members faced strong criticism Monday from parents who argue that the board isn't doing enough to address a disturbing series of antisemitic incidents within the school system. 

The latest incident involves a teacher from Takoma Park Middle School who has been suspended for making anti-Jewish posts on social media.  The suspended teacher, Angela Wolf, also a union representative, is on administrative leave after 2022 posts that included references to "wealthy local Jews" and accusing them of parasitic behavior surfaced. 

Principal Erin Martin of Takoma Park Middle School told parents in a letter about the "series of anti-Semitic online posts," condemning the views expressed. 

During a meeting Monday, parents sounded off about antisemitism in the MCPS system. 

"I have a front-row seat to parents' stories of antisemitism in our schools. These span from hateful graffiti to physical bullying," said MCPS parent Margey Smelkinson. "You often speak about combatting hate, but you minimize or even ignore the anti-Jewish hate right in front of you." 

Adam Faeleder, an MCPS teacher, emphasized the impact on students, stating, "uninformed students tomorrow are the same ones protesting and chanting the same antisemitic chants in college protests that we see today."

"MCPS must have a better program to educate our students and our teachers and our administrators and all school personnel on antisemitism and Islamophobia," said Faeleder.