Parents of unarmed Fairfax Co. man killed by US Park Police still seeking answers one year later

The parents of a Fairfax County man shot to death by U.S. Park Police are still waiting for answers one year after the highly controversial deadly shooting. The FBI, the Justice Department and Park Police have not given a reason for the use of deadly force - a fact the parents of Bijan Ghaisar find "maddening."

When you first step inside the front door of the Ghaisar family's McLean home, there is an entire wall full of memories that includes photos of Bijan, his sister and parents.

Nearly one year later after the shooting, the grief from his shocking death has not gone away.

"This is very heartbreaking," said James Ghaisar, Bijan's father. "I cannot tell you how many times a day literally I am crying. At work, I kind of try to focus and distract myself. But in my car, I am only thinking of him - that I cannot see him, and on top of that - this total silence."

James and Kelly Ghaisar have seemingly done everything they can think of to get answers about their son's death. They recently filed a lawsuit.

However, there is still no explanation for why their son was shot and killed after he left the scene of a minor fender bender he did not cause.

"It's been nothing but stonewalling," said Bijan's mother. "We haven't had anyone who has been actually working on this case, involved on this case, to actually shed any light to us - as if we have no rights."

Last week, a police report written by Fairfax County police confirmed what Bijan's parents have said all along - he was not armed and there were no drugs in his vehicle.

So why did the officers open fire?

"The release of the tape and the recent documents by the Fairfax County Police Department were very helpful to answer all those questions," said James Ghaisar. "So here we are. This is a unique case as far as I am concerned. Bijan could have been anybody's kid - literally. We raised our kid so proudly."

The tape that Bijan's father mentioned was recorded by a Fairfax County police officer's dashboard camera, which shows Bijan stopping twice for the officers and then driving off. The third time the 25-year-old man stops, he appears to try to drive around the officers when he is suddenly shot.

"It's like an everyday nightmare that goes through our head, and of course it is so obvious that this shouldn't have been," said Kelly Ghaisar. "We don't know why they are keeping this going on so long. This is so cruel that the fact this happened to Bijan."

The Ghaisars will mark the one-year anniversary of their son's death on Nov. 17 with a vigil in front of the Lincoln Memorial.

Bijan's parents say justice for them would be indictments.

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