Parents demand answers about locker room rape case at Damascus High School

Montgomery County parents are demanding answers in the wake of major fallout this week at Damascus High School more than six months after a locker room rape scandal stunned the community.

On Thursday night, the county board of education held a townhall meeting with parents.

"What happened? Why we're they left alone? Where was the coach?," asked parent Gina King.

Last Halloween, junior varsity football players were accused of raping one teammate with a broomstick -- and attempting to rape others. Four of those students were charged as adults until eventually, their cases were kicked back down to juvenile court.

Fast forward to this week -- just two days ago, Principal Casey Crouse resigned from her role at the school and announced she is taking a different position within Montgomery County Public Schools, effective immediately. Also, the school's athletic director and JV football coach have been placed on leave.

FOX 5 has been trying to ask the superintendent about the investigation. He wasn't at Thursday night's meeting with parents. We also tried to ask the president of the board about the investigation, but FOX 5's Josh Rosenthal says she did not stop to speak to him following the meeting.

Rosenthal says he was able to pull aside Andy Zuckerman, the chief operating officer for MCPS.

"There was an ongoing law enforcement investigation for quite a bit of time, in fact, it's still ongoing, and we didn't get the chance to get our investigation until much later in the process. As far as Ms. Crouse and her decision to step aside, I think for her decision making, was in the best interest of the school and the community and herself. With the other employees, that's part of the process,'" said Zuckerman.

Zuckerman also said he understands where a lot of these parents are coming from and they take safety and security very seriously.