Paramedic goes above and beyond for boys stabbed by father

Two young boys in Prince George's County were stabbed by their father back in November, and one of the first responders who arrived at the scene is going above and beyond her call of duty to help the children.

Pam Graham, a paramedic lieutenant with Prince George's County Fire, EMS and a 21-year veteran, was so moved after treating the two young boys, that she is now continuing to do all she can to help make sure the boys have a wonderful Christmas.

Graham described the scene as a hectic one that November day, she was the first paramedic to arrive at Dennis Ct. in District Heights on November 12, after two young brothers, just two and three years old were stabbed by their own father, police say. Graham evaluated the older boy first and he appeared to be stable, the younger one, Jordan was losing a lot of blood.

"I called Children's Hospital, told him exactly what we had, two children with multiple stab wounds, they were ready I did everything I needed to do in the back for Jordan and they made it," Graham explained.

The boys are now home after several surgeries, and Graham has continued to follow up with their mother, receiving videos of the young boys and checking in on their recovery.

Graham started an online fundraiser for the family. Her goal at first was just $250, but she got such a big response she has now upped the goal to $10,000.

She has even invited the boys and their mother, along with Santa and all of the other first responders who arrived that night, to her home on Christmas morning.

"I just picked up their bikes so that's going to be fun trying to put that together but it will be good," Graham said.

The boy's father, Christian Dillard, remains in jail without bond. He is due in court next week.

If you are looking to help boys and their mother out please go to this link.