Overboard iPhone found 3 miles away; still works

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Chris Glatz, from the Chicago area, celebrated her "sister-weekend" in Clearwater.

Sunday, her group cruised around on a boat spending time at Caladesi Island. Things were going swimmingly until:

"I said, 'Oh my, I think the phone is overboard," she recalled.

To the bottom it went, dumped out with the ice. She wouldn't even realize it for a few hours. She had the brand new iPhone 7.

"I just considered it gone. There was no way this phone was going to come back," she said.

But like opening an oyster to find a shiny pearl, her phone unexpectedly appeared almost three miles down shore.

"Me and my girlfriend were walking along Clearwater Beach, picking up shells," said Mike Bock.

That was several hours later. Bock noticed something else in the water - an iPhone.

"I didn't expect it to turn on. It had been in the surf in two feet of water. As soon as I pressed the button, it lit up and turned on," he said.

He took it to an AT&T store and they were able to track Glatz down. She says it still works perfectly. The new iPhones are made to be water resistant and, obviously, it works.

"Made me feel amazing. It's something I hope people would do for me if I lost my phone," said Bock.

"I'm a firm believer in, 'good things happen to good people.' I consider myself a good person, but I consider Mike Bock a really good person," Glatz said.