Officer helps put air in tires, considered "positive sign"

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Sometimes it seems as if there's more negative than positive on the airwaves. Our job, as a news outlet, is to push out to viewers what we deem current, breaking, important, trending, moving, even thought-provoking. Everybody's opinions of what's publicized varies, as you can see from the feedback on social media. From loving--to hating.

We can't always push out everything we'd like. There's not enough time in a day.

But there is time to take a moment, from what so many deem "bad news," to post something positive. After all, everyone needs a good dose of laughter, some smiles, tears of joy...something to appreciate. And to make them say, "YES! Good still does exist. And it's happening right here in our backyard." Something...worth...sharing.

This post was made by Anthony V. Dixon, from Pearson, Ga. He captured a moment in Douglas, Ga. that he calls a "positive sign."

It's a white officer helping a young black man put air into his tires, in the rain.

Dixon says, "This touched my heart because of the negative media about black men and officers of law, here's a positive sign that love exist in America and not hate, discrimination, nor racism..."

On my way to work today, I stopped at a convenience store in Douglas, Ga and I saw a city police officer helping and...

Here's to the officer who helped: thank you, sir!

FOX 5 Atlanta spoke with Dixon and asked him: How do you think these images will help the younger generation appreciate each other (a value that's almost been lost over the years)?

Dixon tells FOX 5...

The answer to that is simply love... When we were created, God placed in us the most beautiful gift, and that gift is love. Yes, this country has experienced many awful events such as slavery, terroristic attacks, and etc; however, we as one unit, despite of our differences, must show and act upon this same exact love. A tree, becomes a strong tree throughout time, but it first has to be a planted seed. Despite of our differences, let's plant a seed of love in all the lives of people, so that this country and the world will grow to be a better and greater place to live.

For something that seems to be difficult, it's actually really easy: "planting a seed of love in all the lives of people." But every challenge has to start somewhere, right? How about it start with you. And me. So, let's spread the word...and make some magic happen. But let's not just plant the seed--let's help each other out in times of need.