Officer and family pay off students delinquent lunch accounts

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A heartwarming holiday story was shared on the Gwinnett County Sheriff's Office Facebook page on Wednesday.

According to Deputy Shannon Volkodav, PIO for the Gwinnett County Sheriff's Office, Cpl. Matt Stoner and his wife wanted to make a very special memory for their family this Christmas.

"He and his wife had quietly decided not to buy holiday gifts this year, instead, the family wanted to create a special memory for their family by doing something for someone else," said Volkodav.

Gabriela, Cpl. Stoner's wife, came up with the idea behind finding a school that needed the most help. After researching, Gabriela found that Central Gwinnett High School had the highest number of free and reduced lunches. She called the school and told a representative that her family wanted to pay off all the delinquent accounts. Volkodav told FOX 5 that the representative told Gabriela, "it sounded like you want to pay all the accounts?" In response, Gabriela said, "I do want to pay for all the accounts…"

The total that the Stoner's paid was just under $300.

"I wanted these kids to start off 2017 having a real lunch," said Gabriela. "We wanted to help those struggling families and to allow those students to start the new year debt free with full meal privileges."

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