Off-duty police officer hit by car in Chevy Chase

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Police are on the search for several men that hit an off-duty officer who was on foot. It happened at the height of rush hour in the high-end shopping district of Chevy Chase in Maryland just off Wisconsin Avenue.

Montgomery County police swarmed the area as they came to the rescue of one of their own.

"They fled the scene dragging him briefly," said Montgomery County Police Lt. Jonathan Heiderich.

Witnesses told FOX 5 three men in a silver Mitsubishi Galant parked outside a parking lot behind a FedEx truck nearby a Saks Fifth Avenue store.

The truck driver, who was interviewed by police, says two of the men approached him wondering if he had picked up Louis Vuitton or Gucci packages. He told them no and proceeded to get the attention of a security guard standing outside the Tiffany and Co. jewelry store.

The security guard called the off-duty officer who came to talk with the men, who then struck him and took off.

It does not appear the suspect got away with any belongings.

The officer remains in the hospital Tuesday night with non-life threatening injuries. He did hit his head on the street so they are taking all the necessary and precautionary measures.

Police had told us earlier on Tuesday they believed to have found the suspect vehicle and were questioning two men. It turns out that incident is apparently not related to this hit-and-run incident.