Nurse comforts 5-year-old patient after he wakes up from surgery in viral photo

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Anyone who is a nurse or knows one is aware that the profession is not an easy one.

Recently, a photo of a nurse comforting a distraught child after he woke up from surgery was shared on Facebook and it's melting hearts across the internet.

Five-year-old Slade Thompson woke up scared after having tonsil surgery at UPMC Susquehanna in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, and all he wanted was to be held. His family wasn't allowed to enter his room yet because he still needed his vitals checked, so that's when nurse Annie Hager stepped up.

"As a nurse, providing care is one thing, but making sure our patients are calm and comfortable matters just as much. It's nurses like Annie - who show true compassion - that keep our patients happy," UPMC wrote on Facebook.

The photo of Hager and Slade has earned praise from viewers on social media.

"One amazing nurse congratulations and awesome to see a nurse with a heart of gold and goes above and beyond..." wrote Nicole Livermore.

The hug and snuggles during the most needed time was something so special to Slade that he brought her flowers during his follow-up appointment.