NTSB transcript gives new details of El Faro's final voyage

The El Faro's data recorder shows that the doomed ship's captain urged a frightened crew member to move quickly to abandon ship in the vessel's final moments.

The recordings transcribed from the ship's voyage data recorder were released Tuesday morning by the National Transportation Safety Board in Washington, D.C.

The 790-foot freighter sank in October 2015 during Hurricane Joaquin after losing propulsion between Jacksonville, Florida, and Puerto Rico. All 33 people on board died.

The more than 500-page transcript sheds light on decisions by the ship's Capt. Michael Davidson to try to sail south of Hurricane Joaquin instead of taking a longer, safer route.

It also revealed the captain believed he needed to consult with Tote Maritime officials before taking a longer, safer course home, something the company has disputed.