Northern Virginia woman attacked in DC bar says staff declined to call police

A Northern Virginia woman said a bar in the District failed to call police when another patron smashed a beer bottle across her face and head.

The victim - 25-year-old Madison Alford - said the attack happened at District Anchor the evening of Oct. 27. A police report states that Alford's friend was pushed by the accused attacker, and when Alford intervened, the man struck her with a beer bottle, which cracked on her head and face.

Alford, who lives and works in Northern Virginia as a special education pre-school teacher, said bar management refused to call the police. She said a bouncer escorted the attacker out of the bar and let him go. The suspect has yet to be identified and the surveillance cameras in the bar were reportedly not working that night.

Alford said the establishment failed miserably in their treatment of her and she posted pictures of her injuries on Facebook, which drew a significant response.

FOX 5's Tisha Lewis talked to one of the managers at District Anchor but he refused to answer whether police had been called.

District Anchor has since released a statement from ownership, saying in part:

"We are saddened to hear of the physical and mental toll this has taken on the victim. Our hope in this story receiving more attention is that the suspect will be identified and brought to justice."

The owner said the bar has fully cooperated with authorities since being notified of the incident. Management said, based on the incident, they will be reassessing their participation in any future neighborhood events.

Police stated the investigation was still ongoing.