No shower - no coffee - no brushing your teeth! Could you live a day without water?

Could you live a day without using water to make your coffee, take a shower, brush your teeth, or flush the toilet?

The Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission is taking part in a national event called, "Imagine a Day Without Water." The day is designed to raise awareness and educate America about the value of water.

"Our customers turn on the tap and expect safe, clean and reliable water to flow," said WSSC GM/CEO Carla Reid in a press release. "Whether it's for their morning coffee, a shower, to flush the toilet, for the firefighters working to save a burning house or a dialysis patient to receive their lifesaving treatment, water is our most precious resource. Today is the perfect day to pause and think about how water touches just about every aspect of our lives"

FOX 5's Bob Barnard visited a Burtsonville, Maryland Thursday morning to see how difficult it really is to get the day going without using any H2O!