Newlywed officers recognized for immediately going back to work after wedding in order to respond to riots

Members of law enforcement often go above and beyond to protect their communities, and these two officers in Michigan are no different.

Cole Hoyer and Kelly Momber met on the job at Grand Rapids Police Department and fell in love.

They had planned their dream wedding for May 30, 2020, but the coronavirus pandemic meant their big gathering had to be pared down to just family and close friends.

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On the night of their wedding, riots began in downtown Grand Rapids, and the police department said their wedding party -- many of them police officers -- had to be called in for duty shortly after the ceremony.

"Cole and Kelly were heartbroken, but their loyalty to the community they serve and their desire to be with their law enforcement brothers and sisters brought them into work the very next day, less than 18 hours after they were married," the agency said.

Grand Rapids police shared the couple's story this week to recognize their sacrifice in order to help their community.

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Side-by-side photos of the couple show the difference 18 hours can make. The first photo showed the bride and groom in their wedding attire, while the second showed the same pose -- but in their uniforms instead.

"This type of sacrifice often goes unnoticed," police said. "It can be thankless work, but the call to serve never sleeps and it does not take time off."

The agency's Facebook post on the newlyweds quickly went viral, garnering messages of support from across the country.

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"Wow, just wow! Thank you so much for coming into work," one person wrote. "Both of you could [have] just left and it would be okay, it was your wedding day! You two came into work to help your 'family' members restore peace."

Another replied, "Thank you for sharing this. We need to remember police are people that choose to serve others."