New study ranks DC third in the country for tech talent

A new study ranks the D.C. area number three on a tech talent report. The region falls just behind San Francisco and Seattle.

CBRE’s "Scoring Tech Talent Report" looked at 50 cities in North America.  

It found that D.C. has more than 250,000 tech workers. The region ranked number one for the most gender diverse talent market with 32.3% of the talent being women. It ranked number two for tech educational attainment.  

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It also found that D.C. is one of the most expensive cities to operate a tech company.

"The real incentive for the tech companies that want to be in the D.C. area is the quality of the tech talent workforce and the fact that if they do decide to expand in D.C., they know that there is going to be a ready supply of talent coming from local universities. That’s probably more incentive than a government could ever offer a company to actually come there," Colin Yasukochi, CBRE Lead Tech Researcher, said.

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Yasukochi says the tech industry in D.C. Is only getting bigger. A big reason for that is the government and its focus on cybersecurity. He also says the pandemic helped grow the industry as whole.

"One of the things we found is that businesses and us, in general, have become much more reliant on technology and much more reliant on the tech talent that makes everything work," he said.

Ranked behind Washington D.C. is Toronto and New York City.