New program cuts stormwater utility fees for Alexandria residents

Leaders in Alexandria want residents to be prepared for the next flooding event.

"The flooding on this side of town can get pretty serious, pretty quickly," said Andrea Koslow. She lives in a neighborhood off of Mt. Vernon Avenue.

The city understands the severity, and that is why they are expanding the stormwater utility fee reduction program. 

"We want to also protect properties from flooding damage," said the Chief of Stormwater Management, Jesse Maines.

Property owners can now save up to 50% if they flood-proof their properties.

At the moment, all property owners, businesses, and residents pay this bill.

"The typical single-family residential home pays about $280 a year currently for the fee," Maines said.

Installing flood mitigation measures like planks and drains can now save you some money.

Maines explained that "putting practices around window wells, raising up your AC unit, so your heat pump doesn't flood. Those are the types of things we are allowing in floodproofing. You can put up a wall to keep the water from going in your basement."

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He believes it's a great opportunity for people to prepare and protect their properties.

"Do the work upfront because you don't know when the rain and the flood is going to come. Implementing those practices gets you ready," Maines adds.

Residents like Koslow say this is the right move from the city. She's also encouraging her neighbors to enroll in the program.

"Especially today with the inflation and so many things costing more, if you can save a little more on that stormwater fee by sharing what improvements you made on your own property - why not?" she says.

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