New police vehicles protect from armor-piercing bullets

Police vehicles have just been taken to a whole different level, thanks to Ford. Their latest project will make the Interceptor the safest in all of history.

So what will these Police Interceptors do? Ford has upped the game which means these rides will protect against armor-piercing .30 caliber rifle ammo, making it the first pursuit-rated police vehicle to offer that.

"The fact that we design our Police Interceptors around officer feedback is what has made them number one. Officers globally told us they needed protection from armor piercing ammunition and we added increased ballistic protection to an already great product - that's continuous innovation," said Arie Groeneveld, chief engineer, Ford Police Interceptors.

The panels are Type IV and will basically blow the existing units currently offered out of the water. The ones police use now are heavy duty and the best out there; but the new line will kick everything up a few notches...and then some.

Safety technology has been advanced as well. In a crash, the energy will be absorbed and will direct the impact forces away from those riding inside. Adding to the strength of the vehicles are aluminum, boron steel, and advanced plastics.

Ford has made sure this new fleet surpasses the 75mph rear crash test rating and includes police-tuned suspensions, brakes, steel wheels, different interiors, and and upfit options.

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