New charges for gas station shooting suspect, parolee who intervened

Two people believed to be involved in a Detroit gas station shooting that was captured on high-definition video are facing new charges.

Police believe Shamicah Burton, 20, is the one who pulled the trigger and shot someone multiple times at the Mobil gas station on Fenkell Avenue near Greenfield Road last Sunday. She has already been charged in that shooting, but now she also is facing new charges for an incident that happened a day before the shooting -- an armed robbery

Police say on Saturday Burton chased down two women in her car on Fenkell Avenue and robbed them at gunpoint. Then, police say the next day is when she opened fire on a man at the gas station. That victim was struck multiples times but we're told he'll survive.

Meanwhile, Devon Todd, who police say was seen on that surveillance video tackling and disarming the shooter, is in trouble over what happened that night.

He's been hit with 11 parole violations, including felon in possession of a gun and assault. We're told the video we received from police ends before Todd is seen firing a shot at Burton's car after taking the gun away from her.

Detroit police told FOX 2 the full surveillance video is in the hands of prosecutors and it will not be released to the public because it is 'evidence'.

While Detroit Police cleared him of any wrongdoing, he'll meet with the parole board in ten days to learn his fate.

The shooting was caught on high-definition surveillance video, in partnership with Detroit Police Department's Project Green Light.

Project Green Light was created to crack down on violence in some of Detroit's public spaces. The businesses involved, which vary from gas stations to liquor stores to fast food restaurants, use special high-definition surveillance cameras, with the video feed streaming directly back to Detroit police headquarters.