Neighborhood struggles not far from site of Preakness Stakes

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Maple Avenue is a fairly typical block in Northwest Baltimore, which is located just steps from Pimlico, the site of this weekend's Preakness Stakes.

Many homes are boarded up or abandoned. We counted nine in a row.

"And it makes our block look ugly. Who would want to move on this? Would you want to move around here? We've got like 50 houses on this block boarded up," said Monique Givens, a 37-year-old mother of four.

Dontrelle Wright also lives on Maple Avenue. He says the most popular job here will get you busted.

"Drug dealers. Mostly around here drug dealers. In this whole area. Everybody around here... drug dealers. It ain't cool. Definitely not cool. And it's making it unsafe. Making it unsafe for everybody," said Wright.

Wright says he has been hired to work at the track this weekend, but Givens has been out of work since February.

"I've been living here all my life and I can't even get a job there," Givens said.

Corey John, 14, says some people will make money parking cars, but mostly he will remember race day for all of the trash left behind.