Nebraska bill requiring English-only driver's exam draws fire

Fox News Latino

A bill that would require would-be motorists in Nebraska to take driver's exams in English was roundly criticized Tuesday as an unnecessary barrier for immigrants that would encourage some to drive unlicensed.

Latino advocacy groups and organizations that work with immigrants and refugees urged state lawmakers to reject the bill during a hearing before the Legislature's Transportation and Telecommunications Committee. No one testified in favor of the measure.

Sen. Dave Bloomfield of Hoskins, a retired truck driver, said he sponsored the bill to ensure all drivers can read and understand road signs. Bloomfield said opponents of the bill have accused him of being racist and trying to score political points, but he noted he is serving his final year in office because of term limits and has a daughter-in-law and grandson who are Hispanic.

The bill "is about the safety of everyone on our roads," Bloomfield said. "If you can't read English, how can you read the signs on our roads?"

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