NC Confederate monument vandalized following events in Charlottesville

A Confederate monument was tagged by vandals on Sunday. They covered portions of the solider statue with blue spray paint.

The monument is located outside of Mount Zion United Methodist Church in Cornelius. It's been targeted in the past.

"You would think people would have better things to do with their time," said Barry Cashion, who lives in the general area.

The vandalism comes on the heels of a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, VA, resulting in protests and violence.

For some locals the statue is bothersome.

"That's not our finest hour," said another a resident, who is reminded of the Civil War when looking at the monument. "It's past time and definitely in the wrong place. Maybe in a museum or something, but it's hurtful."

For others, the monument symbolizes history.

"There's other ways to show your opposing view than damaging property that is not yours," said Cashion.

A representative of the church tells FOX 46 Charlotte that the statue doesn't belong to them, but instead to a private trust.