Naked woman runs to polling place for help after allegedly set on fire by husband

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A burned woman who said she was set on fire by her husband ran to a polling place for help Tuesday morning in Kettering.

A volunteer handing out voting information at Kettering Middle School told FOX 5 the victim was nude except for a small black jacket and most of her body was severely burned.

A neighbor said the poll volunteer asked her to get a blanket.

"I ran in the house, got a blanket, I walked over," said Diane Sollers. "I couldn't really look at her , I put it over her shoulder. She was visibly burned, she was visibly unresponsive, she had a blank stare." The victim's home on Herrington Drive was also on fire.

Fire investigators confirm the blaze started during a domestic dispute. They said both the woman and the man inside the home had critical injuries.

Sollers said the woman's husband was later taken out of the house by authorities.